~~ The Origins and Sources for the Diamond Trad ~~

Every tradition has its roots. Diamond is no exception. Although we do not claim any ancient lineage, many of the elements of the tradition were adopted and adapted from multiple other sources.

Why so many?

Spiritual and philosophical seekers often delve deeply into many diverse sources, keeping what they find has value for them. It is for this reason that we encourage our students to explore and understand many different philosophies and paths. There is no "One True Right Way" for everyone. Diamond seeks to give the individual a framework to build their own way upon.

What a mish-mash!

Hermetics - mind/body interface, and the mental discipline to work naked, with no tool or talisman save your own mind.

  • "Initiation into Hermetics" by Franz Bardon

    Jungian Psychology - archetypes, symbols, the human mind and magic.

    Existentialism - What is real, annd how can you tell?

    The Golden Dawn - Ceremonial magic ala Mathers

    Tales of a Yaqui Sorcerer, etc Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan stories - good for allegorical (fictitious) description of shamanic practices

    Mechanics of Materials - related to the magical/energy charge/discharge and storage characteristics of various materials. E.g. steel vs plastic for working tools...

    Eclectic "Craft"- a general background for neo-pagan practice.

  • "Spiral Dance" by Starhawk
  • "Real Magic" by Isaac Bonewits - a good starting vocabulary
  • "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margot Adler

    Various Herbal References - For those in the trad who study herbalism, I have a saying: "For any particular herb or effect, look it up in at least two references."

    MZBs "Darkover" universe - Fiction, but with some very valid concepts on circle working, focus/amplification tools, and discipline/training ideals.

    Katryn Kurtz "Deryni" universe - Again, fiction, but with some interesting ceremonial methods and outlooks.

    George Lucas' "Star Wars" universe - Movie fiction, but the underlying concept of the "force" is a useful image.

    Various individuals with whom we have spent long hours at SF&F conventions, parties, or evenings over drinks discussing, debating, and refining the little bits and pieces of what we do. They know who they are. I'd name them, but I don't want to:

  • a) leave anyone out, and my memory for names stinks (you try to remember all of the people you've bs'ed about religion with!) and
  • b) embarass them (because we don't always agree...)

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