~~ The "DIAMOND" Tradition ~~

Ancient, hoary, etc??.... NOT!

Diamond Trad got its start in the late 70's, early 80's as the methods, ponderings, and gleanings of two individuals; Ravan Asteris and Fuzzy Thornton. It has since been built, refined, taught a little, and generally made into a "initiatory" tradition, as well as a non-initiatory tradition. (That's the hard way of saying "You don't have to be an offishul inishee-it to practice Diamond.")

So why do a web page?

Why not? People have always acted like a trad without documentation isn't a trad. Harumph! But, in order to hold forth on tradish stuff without boring usenet newsgroup people to tears, I decided to get off my duff and write something. Currently it's not much, but I can always spew more. After all, I've got at least 20 years worth of cogitation to put down on electrons...


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